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Ekoklim is organised into four reseach themes:

Adaptive governance

Climate change is not only altering ecological systems, biodiversity and ecosystem services, but poses also fundamental steering challenges for managers, policy-makers and non-state actors. This challenge stems from uncertainties in projected climate change impacts, and possible non-linear ecosystem responses, which make conventional goal formulations, economic evaluations and long-term resource planning difficult. These issues have emerged as a key research agenda for social science scholars. Adaptive governance builds on this agenda by analyzing the institutional, organizational and decision-making challenges posed by climate change combined with ecological uncertainty, surprise and additional social-ecological changes.

This research aims to increase the understanding of transformative changes, including the underlying social and ecological factors that trigger them, with an emphasis on the interactions between key individuals in social networks, organizations and institutions at multiple levels. Similar approaches are assumed by research fields such as transition management, innovation governance and research on social-technical transitions.

Main goals

(i) To develop a set of comparative case studies that explore institutional, organizational and decision-making challenges posed at multiple levels of societal organization, related to both slow and abrupt impacts on ecosystem services under climate change.
Contact: Dr Emily Boyd & Dr Örjan Bodin

(ii) To identify, analyze and evaluate multilevel governance arrangements and responses able to respond promptly to changing circumstances and new ecological information, as well as steer away from critical ecological thresholds and large scale ecosystem crises.
Contact: Dr Emily Boyd & Dr Örjan Bodin

Read more about this research theme at Stockholm Resilience Centre here.


Adaptive Governance
Contact: Dr Emily Boyd & Dr Örjan Bodin
Stockholm Resilience Centre