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  • Seminar by Gabor Herczeg on animal personality

    2016-11-01, 14:00

    Environmental contribution to the development of animal personality. Seminar by Gabor Herczeg on the evolutionary ecology of personality in frogs, lizards and birds. Link to his website: http://behavecol.elte.hu/en/index.php?id=members&id2=herczegg

  • PhD defense in Systematic Zoology

    2016-11-04, 13:00

    Sibylle Häggqvist will defend her thesis "Charting biodiversity - Scuttle flies and other poorly known insects in Sweden" on November 4th in DeGeersalen (Geohuset). Opponent is Dr. Jeff Skevington from Ottawa.

  • Andreas Wartel Master's Seminar

    2016-11-08, 13:30

    Andreas presents his Masters thesis.

  • Master seminar in Ecology, Marianne Stoessel

    2016-11-11, 13:00

    Marianne Stoessel will present her master thesis "The fluctuating world of an Arctic predator guild in winter".

  • Bath at Tovetorp

    2016-11-16, 10:00

    Hi, The ”Bloodbath” 2016 begins 10.00 on Wednesday November 16 and ends in the afternoon on Friday November 18. All active Ph.D. students and researchers at the Zoology Department are invited to participate and present a talk (each slot is 20 min. - ideally 15 min. talk and 5 min. discussion). Especially invited this year are Camille Parmesan and Michael Singer (Plymouth University), Daniel Brooks (University of Toronto), Martin Reichard (Institute of vertebrate biology, Brno) and Nathan Rank (Sonoma State University). For more information contact Birgitta Tullberg or Sven Jakobsson Last day for application is Wednesday November 2 Welcome! Birgitta & Sven Hej, "Blodbadet” 2016 börjar kl. 10:00 onsdagen den 16 november och slutar fredag 18 november på eftermiddagen. Samtliga forskarstuderande och disputerade på zoologiska institutionen inbjuds att presentera ett föredrag (varje "föredragssession" upptar 20 min i programmet - idealt 15 min. föredrag och 5 min. diskussion). Som vanligt presenteras föredragen på engelska. Särskilt inbjudna är Camille Parmesan och Michael Singer (Plymouth University), Daniel Brooks (University of Toronto), Martin Reichard (Institute of vertebrate biology, Brno) och Nathan Rank (Sonoma State University). För mer information kontakta Birgitta Tullberg eller Sven Jakobsson. Sista anmälningsdag för deltagande är onsdag 2 november. Varmt välkomna! Birgitta & Sven

  • Seminar by Dr Stephen Montgomery from University College London

    2016-12-13, 14:00

    Seminar on butterfly brain anatomy evolution. More details will come later.

  • Licentiate Seminar in Ethology

    2016-12-14, 14:00

    Christina Hansen Wheat will present her Licentiate thesis in Ethology. The chairman will be Professor Linda Keeling from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.