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  • Seminar, Prof. Judith Mank, University College of London

    2014-09-09, 13:30

    Short- and long-term effects of mating system on genome evolution.

  • Seminar Thomas Flatt

    2014-09-26, 10:00

    Thomas Flatt, University of Lausanne, will give a seminar on "The Genomic Basis of Life History Adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster". Welcome!! Olof Leimar

  • "Blodbad" 2014

    2014-11-12, 10:00

    The ”Bloodbath” 2014 begins 10.00 on Wednesday November 12 and ends in the afternoon on Friday November 14. All active Ph.D. students and researchers in ethology, ecology and population genetics are invited to participate and present a talk (each slot is 30 min. - ideally 20 min. talk and 10 min. discussion). For more information contact Birgitta Tullberg or Sven Jakobsson Last day for application is Friday October 31 Welcome! Birgitta & Sven