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  • Seminar Caroline Uggla – The evolutionary ecology of health behaviours in humans

    2015-04-07, 13:30

    Caroline Uggla, University College London. Abstract: In this talk I explore variation in health-related behaviours from the perspective of evolutionary life history theory (LHT). LHT conceptualises behaviour as the allocation of energy to alternative functions and predicts that such allocations will maximise genetic fitness. Various factors such as an individual’s age, sex, mating and parenting status, and characteristics of her local ecology should shift the fitness benefits of favouring somatic maintenance (health) over reproductive effort (mating or parenting). Past literature on health-related behaviours has suffered from methodological limitations, including a failure to simultaneously consider, and thus differentiate, multiple determinants, consideration of how ecological factors vary between individuals and the use of extrinsic mortality rates. The present analyses overcome these shortcomings, utilising data from both low and high-mortality contexts (household surveys from sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Ireland census data). A series of key LHT hypotheses regarding the effects of e.g. local mortality rates, sex ratios, and maternal and child reproductive value are tested.

  • Seminar Geir Bolstad: Selection and Constraint in the Evolution of Allometry

    2015-04-09, 15:00

    Geir H. Bolstad is a quantitative geneticist working at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). Abstract: Many traits need to scale precisely with size to function properly. Despite a long history of research, it is not clear how easy it is to change such scaling relationships. In this talk, I present an artificial selection experiment showing that wing-shape scaling in fruit flies can respond to selection. This evolved response was lost a few generations after selection ended. Adaptation of shape-size scaling in fly wings is therefore possible, but apparently constrained by internal selection. This may explain why scaling relationships are often evolutionarily conserved.

  • Licenciate seminar: Yiting Liu

    2015-04-24, 14:00

    Yiting will present her licenciate thesis

  • Provföreläsningar BL Etologi

    2015-05-20, 09:00

    Tillsättning av biträdande lektorat i Etologi vid Zoologiska institutionen. LFN2 provföreläsningar

  • Dissertation in Ecology: Diana Posledovich

    2015-06-04, 09:30

    Diana Posledovich will defend her PhD thesis with the preliminary title " Effects of climate on phenological synchronization of butterflies and their host plants". Professor Carol Boggs from the University of South Carolina will act as the faculty opponent. Welcome all! Karl Gotthard