Safety officers

The department head is responsible for the working environment, though this responsibility can be delegated to other appropriate persons. For the Department of Zoology this responsibility has been delegated to the local managers (Platschefer) listed below:

Security officers of Stockholm University (in Swedish).
Safety officer for the Department of Zoology is Minna Miettinen. Replacement Karin Tahvanainen
Safety officer at Tovetorp research station is Thomas Giegold.
Safety officer for PhD-students is Robert Stach .

For your and everybody's safety

Know where the first-aid kits, eye- and emergency-showers, and fire safety equipment (i.e. fire blankets and fire extinguishers) can be found. Be also aware of where emergency exits are located and where to find the emergency phone numbers and instructions. Also read "If something happens" (in Swedish). Always report potential incidents or accidents to the safety officers! Everybody working at the Department of Zoology has to be familiar with and follow the safety instructions. We also need to ensure that new employees are informed about the safety instructions.