Fire safety organisation at the Department of Zoology

Everybody is responsible to engage in fire prevention as well as to quickly retreat to a safe area in case of a fire. All employees at the Department should go through a Fire safety course (see bottom of this page) and know about our routines in case of fire.

The organization of fire safety at the Department of Zoology is divided into several areas of responsibility:

Persons in charge of fire safety
Fire prevention inspectors
Evacuation coordinators
Keep in mind that teachers and exam guards act as evacuation coordinators in the teaching facilities  inform the students about escape routes and emergency exits. The task of an evacuation coordinator is to help people escaping to a safe area (the assembly point if possible).
Managers for flammable goods


Stockholm University have courses in english on fire safety and practical firefighting exercise, see Utbildningar vid Sektionen för säkerhet. All employee should take this course (the department pays the fee).