In case of fire

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In case of fire

A fire can develop into a life threatening situation in a matter of minutes, so it is important to quickly get to a safe place.

Exit sign
Exit sign

The exit signs shows the way if the building needs to be evacuated.

If the fire alarm is ringing the building must be evacuated immediately, whether or not you yourself can detect the fire.

If you encounter a minor fire you can attempt to extinguish if it is at no risk for yourself. You can find fire-extinguishers in the corridors and some of the labs. Make sure you familiarize yourself regularly with their position (they are marked on the evacuation plans).


In case of fire or other dangers the building needs to get evacuated. In the worst case it can be life-saving to exit the building quickly so familiarize yourself with existing escape routes and emergency exits. They are marked by green exit signs. Usually there are at least two independent emergency exits. You can find maps with escape routes and emergency exits at several places in the corridor – have a look at them. In case of fire do not use the elevators to get out!

During an evacuation everybody should get to safety as quickly as possible and then report to and wait at the assembly point. Alarm and assist others during your way out (if it does not entail any risk to yourself). The notified evacuation coordinators help during the evacuation and look after that everybody gets out – follow their orders.

Assembly point

Assembly point
Assembly point

If the building needs to get evacuated go to the assembly point and wait there.

Our assembly point is on the lawn outside the (chemistry) buildings A–C. It is a safe place to resort to and to assess if anybody is missing. After an evacuation you stay in the assembly point until you receive further orders. The fire brigade and the police decide when we are allowed to leave the assembly point.

Map with assembly point

The Department of Zoology assembly point