Fire safety policy of the Department of Zoology

According to Law on Protection against Accidents (SFS 2003:778) and The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency's recommendations on systematic fire prevention (SRVFS 2004:3) we are bound to work for a systematic fire prevention. The Department of Zoology works with prevention of fires as well as to minimize damage in case of a fire through:

  • a fire protection organized at the Department with shared responsibilities
  • regular controls of fire protection and life saving equipment
  • offering courses in fire safety for all employees
  • having regular evacuation drills
  • doing risk assessment regarding problems with evacuation, handling of flammable and explosive goods as well as setting routines to minimize those risks
  • continuously documenting our efforts in improving fire safety

For more information check Fire prevention (in Swedish) and Fire prevention policy (Dnr SU 671-2163-08) (also in Swedish) at Stockholm University.


In addition to what is stated in the other pages:

  • do not block escape routes and fire protection equipment
  • do not store flammable material in corridors or stairwell