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Le Vaillant M, Erlandsson R, Elmhagen B, Hörnfeldt B, Eide NE, Angerbjörn A (2018) Spatial distribution in Norwegian lemming Lemmus lemmus in relation to the phase of the cycle. Polar Biology: Online DOI 10.1007/s00300-018-2293-6
Abstract xLink to journal (free pdf download)

Larm M, Elmhagen B, Granquist SM, Brundin E, Angerbjörn A (2018) The role of wildlife tourism in conservation of endangered species: Implications of safari tourism for conservation of the Arctic fox in Sweden. Human Dimensions of Wildlife: Online DOI 10.1080/10871209.2017.1414336

Elmhagen B, Berteaux D, Burgess RM, Ehrich D, Gallant D, Henttonen H, Ims RA, Killengreen ST, Niemimaa J, Norén K, Ollila T, Rodnikova A, Sokolov AA, Sokolova NA, Stickney AA, Angerbjörn A (2017) Homage to Hersteinsson and Macdonald: climate warming and resource subsidies cause red fox range expansion and Arctic fox decline. Polar Research 36: sup1:3.
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Pasanen-Mortensen M, Elmhagen B, Lindén H, Bergström R, Wallgren M, Velde van der Y, Cousins SAO (2017) The changing contribution of top-down and bottom-up limitation of mesopredators during 220 years of land use and climate change. Journal of Animal Ecology 86: 566-576.

Haage M, Angerbjörn A, Elmhagen B, Maran T (2017) An experimental approach to the formation of diet preferences and individual specialisation in European mink. European Journal of Wildlife Research 63: 34
Abstract xLink to journal (free pdf download)

Haage M, Maran T, Bergvall UA, Elmhagen B, Angerbjörn A (2017) The influence of spatiotemporal conditions and personality on survival in reintroductions – evolutionary implications. Oecologia 183: 45-56
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Kuijper DPJ, Sahlén E, Elmhagen B, Chamaillé-Jammes S, Sand H, Lone K, Cromsigt JPGM (2016) Paws without claws? Ecological effects of large carnivores in anthropogenic landscapes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: 20161625
xLink to journal (free pdf download)

Pasanen-Mortensen M, Elmhagen B (2015) Land cover effects on mesopredator abundance in the presence and absence of apex predators. Acta Oecologica 67: 40-48 Abstract

Elmhagen B, Destouni G, Angerbjörn A, Borgström S, Boyd E, Cousins SAO, Dalén L, Ehrlén J, Ermold M, Hambäck PA, Hedlund J, Hylander K, Jaramillo F, Lagerholm VK, Lyon SW, Moor H, Nykvist B, Pasanen-Mortensen M, Plue J, Prieto C, van der Velde Y, Lindborg R (2015) Interacting effects of change in climate, human population, land use and water use on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Ecology and Society 20(1): 23 Abstract xDownload pdf

Elmhagen B, Kindberg J, Hellström P, Angerbjörn A (2015) A boreal invasion in response to climate change? Range shifts and community effects in the borderland between forest and tundra. Ambio 44 (Suppl. 1): 39–50
Abstract xDownload pdf

Elmhagen B, Eriksson O, Lindborg R (2015) Implications of climate and land-use change for landscape processes, biodiversity, ecosystem services, and governance. Ambio 44 (Suppl. 1): S1–S5
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Khalil H, Pasanen-Mortensen M, Elmhagen B (2014) The relationship between wolverine and larger predators, lynx and wolf, in a historical ecosystem context. Oecologia 175: 625-637

Ripple WJ, Estes JA, Beschta RL, Wilmers CC, Ritchie EG, Hebblewhite M, Berger J, Elmhagen B, Letnic M, Nelson MP, Schmitz OJ, Smith DW, Wallach AD, Wirsing AJ (2014) Status and ecological effects of the world’s largest carnivores. Science 343: 1241484

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Pasanen-Mortensen M, Pyykönen M, Elmhagen B (2013) Where lynx prevail, foxes will fail - limitation of a mesopredator in Eurasia. Global Ecology and Biogeography 22: 868-877

Angerbjörn A, Eide NE, Dalén L, Elmhagen B, Hellström P, Ims RA, Killengreen S, Landa A, Meijer T, Mela M, Niemimaa J, Norén K, Tannerfeldt M, Yoccoz NG, Henttonen H (2013) Carnivore conservation in practice: replicated management actions on a large spatial scale. Journal of Applied Ecology 50: 59–67

Norén K, Hersteinsson P, Samelius G, Eide NE, Fuglei E, Elmhagen B, Dalén L, Meijer T, Angerbjörn A (2012) From monogamy to complexity: social organization of arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus) in contrasting ecosystems. Canadian Journal of Zoology 90: 1102-1116

Ritchie EG, Elmhagen B, Glen AS, Letnic M, Ludwig G, McDonald RA (2012) Ecosystem restoration with teeth: What role for predators? Trends in Ecology and Evolution 27: 265-271

Elmhagen B, Hellström P, Angerbjörn A, Kindberg J (2011) Changes in vole and lemming fluctuations in northern Sweden 1960-2008 revealed by fox dynamics. Annales Zoologici Fennici 48: 167-179
Abstract---Link to paper

Herfindal I, Linnell JDC, Elmhagen B, Andersen R, Eide NE, Frafjord K, Henttonen H, Kaikusalo A, Mela M, Tannerfeldt M, Dalén L, Strand O, Landa A, Angerbjörn A (2010) Population persistence in a landscape context: the case of endangered arctic fox populations in Fennoscandia. Ecography 33: 932-941

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Elmhagen B, Rushton SP (2007) Trophic control of mesopredators in terrestrial ecosystems: top-down or bottom-up? Ecology Letters 10: 197-206
Abstract---Download pdf

Dalén L, Kvaløy K, Linnell JDC, Elmhagen B, Strand O, Tannerfeldt M, Henttonen H, Fuglei E, Landa A, Angerbjörn A (2006) Population structure in a critically endangered arctic fox population: does genetics matter? Molecular Ecology 15: 2809-2819

Dalén L, Elmhagen B, Angerbjörn A (2004) DNA analysis on fox faeces and competition induced niche shifts. Molecular Ecology 13: 2389-2392

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Elmhagen B, Tannerfeldt M, Verucci P, Angerbjörn A (2000) The arctic fox – an opportunistic specialist. Journal of Zoology 251: 139-149

PhD thesis

Elmhagen B (2003) Interference competition between arctic and red foxes. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University. Download pdf

Book chapter

Elmhagen B, Pasanen-Mortensen M (2014) Världens lodjursarter.
In: Lodjuret (editors Bergström R, Danell K, Svanberg I). Atlantis, Stockholm.
Read more about the book (in Swedish) here

Popular publications

Elmhagen B, Kuijper D, Sahlén E, Chamaillé-Jammes S, Sand H, Lone K, Cromsigt J. (2017) Tassar utan klös? Svensk Jakt 2017/7: 38-40.

Pasanen-Mortensen M, Cousins S, Elmhagen B (2015) Där lodjur finns minskar rödräven. Våra Rovdjur 2/2015: 4-6. Download pdf

Kjellander P, Sand H, Andreassen H, Andrén H, Elmhagen B, Ericsson G, Linnell JDC, Mikusinski G, Mysterud A, Månsson J, Persson J, Solberg EJ, Thulin C-G, Wabakken P, Wikenros C (2014) För att påverka naturen krävs minst 4000 vargar. DN debatt, 30 januari. Link to paper

Elmhagen B (2011) The return of the lynx changes the structure of the ecosystem. Sustainability 2/2011.

Elmhagen B (2011) Lodjurets återkomst ändrar ekosystemet struktur. Miljöforskning 2/2011. [In Swedish]

Elmhagen B (2007) Varg och lodjur håller rödräven i schack. Våra Rovdjur 1/2007: 4-7. [In Swedish] Download pdf

Angerbjörn A, Elmhagen B (2004) The arctic fox under extreme pressure. Swedish Research for Sustainability 1/2004: 14-15.

Elmhagen B (2004) Vårt mest hotade rovdjur – och släkten misstänks vara värst för fjällräven. Våra Rovdjur 1/2004: 4-6. [In Swedish] Download pdf

Angerbjörn A, Elmhagen B (2003) Hotar fjällräven: Svält, rödräv, inavel. Miljöforskning 5-6: 41-43. [In Swedish]

Angerbjörn A, Tannerfeldt M, Elmhagen B (2002) Lågan flämtar för fjällrävens släkt. Flora & Fauna 97: 12-16. [In Swedish]

Angerbjörn A, Tannerfeldt M, Elmhagen B, Henttonen H (2000) Årsrapport från Projekt Fjällräv/SEFALO. Våra Rovdjur 1/2000: 30-31. [In Swedish]

Elmhagen B (1998) Fjällrävens diet i Vindelfjällen. Våra Rovdjur 4/1998: 7-8. [In Swedish]

Other publications

Eide NE, Elmhagen B, Norén K, Killengreen ST, Wallén JF, Ulvund K, Landa A, Ims RA, Flagstad Ø, Ehrich D, Angerbjörn A (2017). Åtgärdsprogram för fjällräv, 2017–2021. Naturvårdsverket rapport 6780. [Action plan for the arctic fox, 2017-2021. Also published in Norwegian as Miljødirektoratet rapport M-794] Link to action plan

Eide NE, Elmhagen B, Norén K, Killengreen ST, Wallén JF, Ulvund K, Landa A, Ims RA, Flagstad Ø, Ehrich D, Angerbjörn A (2017). Handlingsplan for fjellrev (Vulpes lagopus),
Norge-Sverige 2017-2021. Miljødirektoratet rapport M-794 [Norwegian-Swedish action plan for the arctic fox Vulpes lagopus, 2017-2021. Also published in Swedish as Naturvårdsverket rapport 6780] Link to action plan

Elmhagen B (2008) Åtgärdsprogram för fjällräv Vulpes lagopus. [Action plan for the arctic fox Vulpes lagopus]. Report 5927. ISBN 978-91-620-5927-9. Naturvårdsverket/Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. [In Swedish with summary in English] Link to programme

Eide NE, Andersen R, Elmhagen B, Linnell J, Sandal T, Dalén L, Angerbjörn A, Hellström, P, Landa A (2005) Fälthandbok – Fjällräv. En vägledning vid inventering av fjällrävsbeståndet, tolkning av spår och spårtecken, samt skillnader mellan fjällräv, rödräv och förrymda farmrävar. NINA Temahefte 30. 28pp. [In Swedish, also published in Norwegian] Link to handbook

Angerbjörn A, Henttonen H, Eide E, Landa A, Elmhagen B (2005) Saving the Endangered Fennoscandian Alopex lagopus SEFALO+. Interim report with financial summary. Report  No. LIFE03 NAT/S/000073. EU Life-Nature.

Elmhagen B, Angerbjörn A, Henttonen H, Eide E, Landa A (2004) Saving the Endangered Fennoscandian Alopex lagopus SEFALO+. First progress report with financial summary. Report  No. LIFE03 NAT/S/000073. EU Life-Nature.

Angerbjörn A, Tannerfeldt M, Henttonen H, Elmhagen B, Dalén L (2002) Bevarande av fjällräv Alopex lagopus i Sverige och Finland (Conservation of the arctic fox Alopex lagopus in Sweden and Finland). Final Report. EU LIFE-Nature.

Angerbjörn A, Tannerfeldt M, Elmhagen B (2002) Presentation av SEFALO-projektet: Vilka chanser har fjällräven att överleva i Sverige? In: Rofstad G, Frafjord K. (eds) 2002. Fjellrev på Nordkalotten II. Report no. 63. Nordkalottrådets Publikasjonsserie. [In Swedish]


Arctic fox track in snow
Mountains in clouds
Mountain tundra in rain and sun
Field work
Arctic fox (white colour morph)
Arctic fox (blue colour morph)
Arctic fox cub
Red fox
Eurasian lynx
Mountain hare
Field voles
Norwegian lemming
Just above the tree line

Just below the tree line
Bodil Elmhagen