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PhD Zoological Ecology

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Lindenfors P 2017 For Whose Benefit? The Biological and Cultural Evolution of Human Cooperation. Springer, New York.

Lindenfors P & Sturmark C 2015 Sekulär humanism - förnuft, omtanke, ansvar. Förbundet Humanisterna, Stockholm.

Lindenfors P 2011 Samarbete (Cooperation) Fri Tanke: Stockholm. (Translation above: For Whose Benefit?)

Lindenfors P 2008 Gud finns nog inte (God probably doesn't exist) Fri Tanke: Stockholm.
Available in English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Persian, Dutch and Italian.

   Scientific Articles

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(Data and phylogenies for many of these studies are available here)

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Lindenfors P 2010 "Eid al-Fitr åt alla!" (Eid-al-Fitr for everyone!) Newsmill 7th september.

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Lindenfors P 2009 "Släng ut mig!" (Toss me out) (Aftonbladet debatt) Aftonbladet 12th March

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