Fjällrävs hona under vårvintern

Welcome to the Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology has a long history, but is also very much with its time. It was founded in 1880, as the first at Stockholms University, and is continously changing to make room for new exciting research fields. The divisions for zoological ecology, ethology, morphology and population genetics are located in Arrheniuslaboratorierna, while systematics och evolution is mainly found at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. We also have a well-equipped research station a few miles south of Stockholm


Our current research is focused on animal evolution, ecology and behaviour, but within a broad spectrum from nervous system to ecosystem - on model organism from fruit flies and butterflies to fishes, birds and arctic foxes. Not even human is excluded - we take part in the interdisciplinary Centre for the study of Cultural Evolution. As part of the research programme Ekoklim we study ecological effects of the climate change. Our research is also theoretical within Stockholm Univerisity profile area biological modelling.


Fisk med större hjärna har större könsorgan

Niclas Kolm berättar om sin forskning på guppy (Nyhetsmorgon, TV4), som visar att ju större hjärna fisken har desto färggrannare är de och desto större könsorgan har guppyhannen.

Vad gör fjärilen under vintern?

Hör Christer Wiklund och Sören Nylin från Zoologiska institutionen berätta om Fjärilen i sin vintervärld i Vetandets värld.