The Head of the Department designates the equal opportunities working group. The group, which welcomes everybody to join, should follow up and work for equal opportunities at the Department. The group works for creating an open debate about aspects of equality. In the past this has resulted in specific activities about equal opportunities at the beginning of the term such as discussions, seminars, movies, etc.

The Department strives to include as many experiences and opinions as possible. Equal opportunities between men and women should be respected in all actions. Having respected equal opportunities needs to be accounted for in proposals and decisions. See also SUs equal opportunities plan (in Swedish).

In cases of social harassment the Department investigates the situation as quickly as possible and executes the appropriate responses in an effort to prevent future harassment from occurring. See also SUs Rules & Regulations about Equality & Equal Treatment. If the contact persons (see link) are informed of harassments the issue will be dealt with quickly and confidentially.