Stockholm University passed environmental recertification

The news has arrived that Stocholm University has passed the recertification according to the new environmental standard ISO 14001. Thank you all that endeavour to make the university to a workplace that respects the environment.


New opportunities for recycling

You can now leave light bulbs, low-energy lamps, batteries and deposit cans/bottles in the drawer outside of the kitchen on floor 4, house D. You take all other sortable waste to the recycling station at Arrhenuis lab, floor 2 (ourside the SU-shop).


New local environmental plan

The local environmental plan of 2017 focuses on the shortcomings that were discovered during the revision. We have two overarching goals: to reduce the risk of accidental spills in the lab drains, and to increase the awareness of the environmental work going on at the department.

Every year we get a report of CO2 emissions due to business trips from the travel agency. Going by air is polluting a lot, and we should especially avoid shorter trips that are easily replacable by train. A follow up of last year's travels shows that we had no short air travels at all at the department. Well done! The data build on travels booked through the travel agency, which we are obliged to do.

If you take a cab to the airport, chose an environmentally friendly company if possible!


Internal environmental work revision

Last december the department of Zoology underwent an internal revision of the environmental work, where a representative from Stockholm University scrutinised our work to see whether it fullfilled the university standards. Generally we have a well functioning environmental work, but of course there is room for improvement. We received a couple of remarks, including that the environmental routines and the importance of the environmental work needs to be better communicated to the staff. We also need to make risk evaluations when starting new lab projects. The environmental group have come up with suggestions of how these remarks should be met, and plans to clear up the shortcomings during 2017.