Peter Hellström

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Peter Hellström


Peter Hellström has previously worked at Zoologiska institutionen: Ekologi.

Research interests

Ansvarig för övervakningen av havsörn i Sverige inom den Nationella Miljöövervakningen. Projektledare för Naturskyddsföreningens Projekt Havsörn. Arbetar sedan 2013 på Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (



Bodil Elmhagen, Jonas Kindberg, Peter Hellström, Anders Angerbjörn. 2015. A boreal invasion in response to climate change? - Range shifts and community effects in the borderland between forest and tundra. Ambio 44: 39-50.

Peter Hellström, Jesper Nyström, Anders Angerbjörn. 2014. Functional responses of rough-legged buzzards in a multi-prey system. Oecologia 174: 1241-1254.

Anders Angerbjörn, Nina E. Eide, Love Dalén, Bodil Elmhagen, Peter Hellström, Rolf A. Ims, Siw Killengreen, Arild Landa, Tomas Meijer, Matti Mela, Jukka Niemimaa, Karin Norén, Magnus Tannerfeldt, Nigel G. Yoccoz, Heikki Henttonen. 2013. Carnivore conservation in practice - replicatedmanagement actions on a large spatial scale. Journal of Applied Ecology 50: 59-67.

Peter Hellström, Björn Helander. 2012. A preliminary overview of monitoring for raptors in Sweden. Acrocephalus 33: 277-282.

Bodil Elmhagen, Peter Hellström, Anders Angerbjörn, Jonas Kindberg. 2011. Changes in vole and lemming fluctuations in northern Sweden 1960-2008 revealed by fox dynamics. Annales Zoologici Fennici 48: 167-179.

Alexandra K. Taylor, Peter Hellström, Anders Angerbjörn. 2011. Effects of trap density and duration on vole abundance indices. Annales Zoologici Fennici 48: 45-55.

John-André Henden, Rolf Anker Ims, Nigel G Yoccoz, Peter Hellström, Anders Angerbjörn. 2010. Strength of asymmetric competition between predators in food webs ruled by fluctuating prey - the case of foxes in tundra. Oikos 119: 27-34.

Tomas Meijer, Karin Norén, Peter Hellström, Love Dalén, Anders Angerbjörn. 2008. Estimating population parameters in a threatened arctic fox population using molecular tracking and traditional field methods. Animal Conservation 11: 330-338.

Peter Hellström, Jesper Nyström, Anders Angerbjörn. 2007. Predation patterns on Norwegian lemmings and grey-sided voles. Abstracts V European Congress of Mammalogy 101.

Jesper Nyström, Johan Ekenstedt, Anders Angerbjörn, Linda Thulin, Peter Hellström, Love Dalén. 2006. Golden Eagles on the Swedish mountain tundra - diet and breeding success in relation to prey fluctuations. Ornis Fennica 83: 145-152.

Other academic

Peter Hellström. 2014. Predator responses to non-stationary rodent cycles. Doctoral thesis. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

Peter Hellström. 2007. Interactions between rodents and rough-legged buzzards (Buteo Lagopus) in Northern Sweden. Licentiate thesis..

Peter Hellström, Peter Lindberg, Anders Angerbjörn. Numerical responses and population decline of an avian predator dependent on cyclic prey.