Tent in the mountain tundra
We almost always camp with tents during fieldwork

We get several questions regarding the possibility to make an internship with us. We are open to this but mainly for the field work which take place basically during July and August. This should preferably be handled by Stockholm University, Department of Biology education (www.big.su.se) since we have a specific course for this called: Research Traineeship on 7.5 or 15 ECTS credits.

For you that are interested to join us as a field worker on an internship/traineeship, please check if you can apply to Stockholm University.

For all that are interested in field work within the arctic fox project (internship/traineeship or just volunteers) you need to fill out and send in an application through our web site. We will open the application section for field volunteers at the latest in the beginning of February 2018.

For more information and updates on the project we recommend that you check us out on Facebook (Arcticfoxproject) and Instagram (@fjallravsprojektet)

Continue to the application section for field volunteers.