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Nordic Oikos 2014

Nordic Oikos meeting 2014 will be held at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm 3-6 February 2014.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History
The Swedish Museum of Natural History

We invite you to the first Nordic Oikos meeting with four days of talks, discussions and informal meetings on all aspects of ecology. Plenary talks and discussions will be held by 16 distinguished ecologists from all five Nordic countries.

There will be plenty of room for contributed talks (15 minutes including discussion) and for posters. Informal meetings are encouraged, and there will be ample space provided at different locations in the exhibition halls of the conference venue, the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History, with free access to all exhibits throughout the conference, is located next to Stockholm University where informal pubs will be organized in the nearby Biology Departments. The congress dinner will take place at the museum.

Download a PDF flyer for the Nordic Oikos Symposium 2014.

Welcome to the meeting!
Peter Hambäck, Linus Svensson, Anders Telenius, Birgitta Tullberg


  • Macroecology (including ecosystems analysis, climate change)
  • Community ecology (including trophic interactions)
  • Evolutionary ecology (including population and behaviour)
  • Biodiversity informatics (including biosystematic and biogeographic analysis)
  • Panel discussion: Anthropocenic challenges

Invited speakers (accepted)

  • Jacobus Boomsma
  • Bodil Elmhagen
  • Dag Terje Endresen
  • Rolf Anker Ims
  • Lotta Kvarnemo
  • Urmas Köljalg
  • William F Morris
  • Carsten Rahbek
  • Johan Rockström
  • Fredrik Ronquist
  • Tomas Roslin
  • Skúli Skúlason
  • Henrik Smith
  • Vigdis Vandvik
  • Christoffer Wheat
  • Monica Winder