Patrik Lindenfors

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Lindenfors P 2006 A method for adjusting means and variances of comparative data for use in a phylogenetic analysis of variance. Evolutionary Ecology Research 8: 975-995. Primate data and phylogeny are from Lindenfors & Tullberg (1998) and Lindenfors (2002) (both below).
Data and phylogeny for the example (in PDAP format) Data - Phylogeny

Thorén S, Lindenfors P & Kappeler PM 2006 Phylogenetic analyses of dimorphism in primates: evidence for stronger selection on canine size than on body size. American Journal of Physical Anthropology.
Data - Phylogeny 1 - Phylogeny 2

Lindenfors P 2005 Neocortex evolution in primates: the 'social brain' is for females. Biology Letters 1: 407-410.
Data - Phylogeny

Gustafsson A & Lindenfors P 2004 Human size evolution: no allometric relationship between male and female stature. Journal of Human Evolution 47: 253-266.

Lindenfors P, Fröberg L & Nunn CL 2004 Females drive primate social evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B (Supplement), Biology Letters 271: S101-S103.
Data - Phylogeny

Lindenfors P, Székely T & Reynolds JD 2003 Directional changes in sexual size dimorphism in shorebirds, gulls and alcids. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 16: 930-938.
Data - Phylogeny

Lindenfors P, Dalén L & Angerbjörn A 2003 A monophyletic origin of delayed implantation and its implications. Evolution 57: 1952-1956.
Data - Phylogeny

Lindenfors P, Tullberg B & Biuw M 2002 Phylogenetic analyses of sexual selection and sexual size dimorphism in pinnipeds. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 52: 188-193.
Data - Phylogeny

Lindenfors P 2002 Sexually antagonistic selection on primate size. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 15: 595-607.
Data - Phylogeny

Lindenfors P & Tullberg BS 1998 Phylogenetic analyses of primate size evolution: the consequences of sexual selection. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 64: 413-447.
Data - Phylogeny